Tech Area

Racers make sure you have all your safety equipment with you when you arrive at Tech for your Pre-race technical inspection. Take note; you will not pass Tech without these items with you!

Mandatory pre-race inspection  All riders must have their craft inspected prior to riding on the water (practice and racing). This is mandatory for all riders. It is the responsibility of the rider to submit his/her watercraft to the Technical Director for safety inspection.  Inspections will take place on site in the pit area. Pre-race inspections do not certify that the watercraft is qualified or constituted as legal for class participation (see rulebook for verification of rules or contact the JSRA office).

The Technical Director may prohibit any personal watercraft from competing that does not meet JSRA technical requirements. To keep the tech inspection lines moving smoothly, please prepare in advance and bring with your helmet, back protector, leg guards, life vest and Fire Extinguisher for inspection.  Be sure your watercraft complies with all of the pre-race inspection criteria as described in the 2021 IJSBA Rule Book.

The 10 most common items that prevent a watercraft from passing inspection are...

  1. Handlebar grips not secure.
  2. Proper-sized numbers and backgrounds not displayed on both sides of the watercraft.
  3. JSRA decals not displayed.
  4. Lanyard stop switch not working properly.
  5. Flexible tow loop on bow eye not installed.
  6. Battery not connected or charged.
  7. Air filters not installed and fuel lines not secured with tie wraps.
  8. Intake grate extending more than 12mm below the bottom of the hull.
  9. Sponsons too deep or too sharp. (Any sharp edges i.e bondrails will fail)
  10. Throttle cable housing not secured to an aftermarket throttle lever.

Post race inspection: Unlike the Winter series all riders must report to tech immediately after their race, failure to do so will result in disqualification. You will be told at Rider’s Meeting where this point will be. Please be aware that you might be required to strip down your ski for further inspection at the end of racing.

Race Numbers: Make sure your race numbers are Black and the correct size, they must be at least 7 inches high with enough clear space around to see your class colour clearly and have the correct background corresponding to your class.

See below. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that the numbers are easy to read. You have been warned!

If the lap scorers cannot see your numbers you will not be scored.

Junior - Bright Green Background / Black Number

Novice - Bright Yellow Background / Black Number

Expert - White Background / Black Number