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2017 British Jet Sport Championship Logo

2017 British Jet Sport Championship Logo

17 Mar 2017 16:48

Our new 2017 Championship logo is looking super sharp!

Clear-up duty information for all 2017 rounds

17 Mar 2017 13:30

Winter Round All classes
Rd 1  - JSRA Spark & IJSBA Rec Lites (Novice & Experts please) & one junior parent to attend please. 
Rd 2  TBC
Rd 3  TBC   Rd 4  TBC   Rd 5 TBC   Rd 6  All classes   A roll call will be called, ...


14 Mar 2017 16:32

Attention Attention Attention all JSRA British Jet Sport Racing Championships Pilots,
The JSRA IT department has now arranged via this webpage for the Riders to be able to pre-register for each round throughout the 2017 British Jet Sport Racing Championships (not the Winter round) and registe...

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