2020 British Championships Rules

JSRA FOLLOWS THE 2021 IJSBA RULES - Visit the IJSBA website here...........Click here

2022 British Championships Classes
Junior Ski IJSBA Rules - 2 Stroke Only 80bhp
Open Sport IJSBA Open Class rules
Sport GP IJSBA rules
Ski Stock IJSBA Rules
Runabout 4-stroke Stock IJSBA Rules
Runabout GP IJSBA GP rules
Ski GP & Vets IJSBA GP rules
Runabout 2-stroke/N/A 4-stroke IJSBA Open Runabout
Ski Lites IJSBA Rules
Freestyle (800, 900, 1200) IJSBA Freestyle Rules
Runabout 1100 stock IJSBA Rules
Runabout GP Lites IJSBA Rules


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