2018 British Championships Rules

JSRA FOLLOWS THE 2017 IJSBA RULES - Visit the IJSBA website here...........Click here

2018 British Championships Classes
Junior Ski IJSBA Rules - 2 Stroke Only 80bhp
Sport GP & Open IJSBA Open Class & GP rules
Ski 4 Stroke Stock IJSBA Rules
Runabout 4-stroke Stock IJSBA 2016 Stock Rules
Runabout GP IJSBA GP rules
Ski GP & Vets IJSBA GP rules
Runabout 2-stroke/N/A 4-stroke IJSBA Open Runabout
Ski Lites IJSBA Rules
Freestyle (800, 900, 1200) IJSBA Freestyle Rules
Ladies Ski Lites IJSBA Rules


JSRA Sea-Doo Spark Class Rules 2016

Any model of Sea-Doo Spark is eligible to race in the JSRA Spark Class (2up/3up/60hp/90hp)

No engine modifications are permitted. For clarity this means:

No ECU remaps or piggy back controllers, ski must have the factory 60hp or 90hp BRP/Sea-Doo ECU map.

**Please note that the JSRA have the electronic ability to enforce this rule and will be policing Spark ECU’s throughout the season**

No removal of flame arrestor

No aftermarket air filters

No removal of exhaust resonator

Top deck modifications:

You may add/change the following ‘bolt-on’ items…

Aftermarket steering systems/grips/bars/throttle

Aftermarket mat kits

Aftermarket seat covers

Aftermarket foot lifters

Aftermarket sticker kits/race numbers

You may relocate the lanyard post to the storage bin and remove the lid.

No top deck modifications that change the shape of hull or enable any additional air into the engine compartment are permitted.

Bottom deck modifications:

- You may change the sponsons in one of the following 3 ways:

1. Lower the stock sponsons using 6 bolt holes per sponson and add a backing plate for strength on the inside of the hull (to be deemed safe by the JSRA officials).

2. Make your own sponsons, (to be deemed safe by the JSRA officials).

3. Purchase aftermarket sponsons.

Please note that sponsons must comply with the IJSBA rulebook - http://www.ijsba.com/pdfs/rulebook/2015/Appendix_Sponson_update_2012.pdf

- You may add or remove the Sea-Doo Spark 3up hull extension

(It must be the full OEM extension kit compromising of the actual extension, 2 x flotation pieces and the top cover)

You may not change/modify/add:

No aftermarket trim tabs

No aftermarket impellers

No aftermarket intake grates

No aftermarket ride plates

No metal wear rings

No aftermarket pumps/nozzles

**Please note: Sea-Doo Sparks that have IBR are NOT permitted to have the VTS system enabled. If VTS is fitted the module must be unplugged and the exit nozzle must be set in the factory non-IBR/VTS position**

-- If the modification is not listed above it’s not permitted --


If you need further explanation or advice please don’t hesitate to contact the office, we’re here to help!