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Aaron Hickey

Aaron Hickey (146)

Rider since: 23rd Jul 2018

Age: 13

Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson (121)

Rider since: 24th Nov 2015

Titles: 1st JSRA open sport 2015, 3rd in the 250 class for Aquax 2015

Age: 43

carl catlin

carl catlin (666)

Rider since: 10th Mar 2015

Titles: 1st in 2015 2 stroke novice championship 3rd in 2015 4 stroke novice championship Winner of jeremy Hoyland award 2015 most points scored, 1st in 2016 2 stroke novice championship,3rd in 2016 4 stroke novice championship

Age: 39

Casey Megan Leech

Casey Megan Leech (99)

Rider since: 21st Apr 2016

Titles: 12th Ski Stock Euro Tour, Poland 2016, 2nd Ski Stock Novice British Championship 2016, 4th Ladies Ski Jetcross Tour, Doncaster 2015, 4th Ski Lites Novice British Championships 2016, 5th Ladies Ski Limited World Finals 2016, 5th Ladies Ski Lites British Championships 2016, 5th Ski Stock British Championships 2016

Age: 18

Christian Miller

Christian Miller (17)

Rider since: 31st Mar 2015

Age: 49

Darren Leeper

Darren Leeper (79)

Rider since: 27th Nov 2016

Titles: 2nd in Sport Gp, 3rd In BJBF 2019, Current UIM World and National Vintage runabout speed record holder

Age: 40

David Rapp

David Rapp (777)

Rider since: 13th Apr 2016

Titles: 10th Pro Stock Runabout Europe 2016, 1st Novice Stock Runabout 1999, 4th Novice Stock Runabout 2015, 4th Runabout GP 2016

Age: 34

Dominique Casey

Dominique Casey (96)

Rider since: 24th Dec 2016

Titles: 2nd Rec Lites Novice, 2nd in Stock Spark Novice, 4th overall in Stock Spark, 9th overall in Rec Lites, British champion rec lites novice 2018

Age: 24

Emma Gadsby (38)

Rider since: 23rd Mar 2016

Age: 14

Graham Leech

Graham Leech (59)

Rider since: 5th Jan 2015

Titles: 1st Veteran Ski GP British Championship 2016, 2023 Winter Vintage 550 champion, 550 National water speed record holder, 750cc Modified National & World water speed record holder, 8th Masters Ski GP World Finals 2016, Runabout stock National water speed record holder, Ski GP (F1) National & World water speed record holder, Sport GP National & World water speed record holder

Age: 59

Showing 1 to 10 of 37