Who Are We

The Jet Sport Racing Association of Great Britain, the JSRA for short, was founded at the end of 1995, when the then organisers of British Jet Ski racing, the PWA (the Personal Watercraft Association), was disbanded due to the restructuring of funds.

The new committee, made up largely of racers and enthusiasts, worked hard to ensure the continuation and growth of the sport, and as with any new committee endured their fair share of growing pains.  However, the Twenty years of the JSRA cannot only boast a fantastic six round National championship, a Winter series but also one of the best and well respected championships in the world.

During this time the JSRA affiliated to the IJSBA, the international Jetsport Boating Association from where it takes its class rules. This affiliation have helped the JSRA restructure and develop from its home-grown roots into a professionally run association with an impeccable safety record.

Who Runs The JSRA

The JSRA is run by a democratically elected committee. The committee are volunteers and number from 6 to 12 sitting members at any one time. Members are voted onto the committee at the Annual General Meeting, but the committee can invite new members onto the board at any time during the year if their skills are required.

Each committee member takes on a role best suited to their skills from Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, H&S Officer, Event Organiser and so on. The committee meets at least 4 times a year and then again at the Annual General Meeting where the entire membership is invited to discuss rule changes, events and financies etc. This is also where new members can be voted on and old members stand down.

The committee also employs a crew to run its events, again these individuals are chosen for their skills and experience; positions include Race Director, Water Marshals, Tech Inspector, Lap Scorers etc etc. And all play a big part in the success of the JSRA.


The JSRA is a non-profit members Association, and was set up in a way that the member fees pay directy towards the running costs of the JSRA. Venues are requested to help with event and paramedic costs, and Sponsorship and other revenue help to improve the sport but are not relied upon to cover the costs of racing.