JSRA - Jetsport Racing Rules

Tech Area

Welcome to the heart of Jetsport racing in the UK – the Jetsport Racing Association (JSRA). Established as the governing body for all UK Jetsport competitions, we take pride in our rich history, dedicated community, and commitment to excellence.

  • Racers, ensure you have all your safety equipment with you when arriving at Tech for your Pre-race technical inspection.
  • Note: You will not pass Tech without these items.
  • All riders must have their watercraft inspected prior to riding on the water (practice and racing).
  • This is mandatory for all riders.
  • It is the rider’s responsibility to submit their watercraft to the Technical Director for safety inspection.
  • Inspections take place on-site in the pit area.
  • Pre-race inspections do not certify watercraft as qualified or legal for class participation.
  • The Technical Director may prohibit any watercraft from competing that does not meet JSRA technical requirements.
  • Prepare in advance for inspection: bring your helmet, back protector, leg guards, life vest, and Fire Extinguisher.
  • Ensure your watercraft complies with pre-race inspection criteria described in the 2024 IJSBA Rule Book.

The 10 most common items that prevent a watercraft from passing inspection:

  • Handlebar grips not secure.
  • Proper-sized numbers and backgrounds not displayed on both sides.
  • JSRA decals not displayed.
  • Lanyard stop switch not working properly.
  • Flexible tow loop on bow eye not installed.
  • Battery not connected or charged.
  • Air filters not installed; fuel lines not secured with tie wraps.
  • Intake grate extending more than 12mm below the hull.
  • Sponsons too deep or too sharp.
  • Throttle cable housing not secured to an aftermarket throttle lever.
  • Unlike the Winter series, all riders must report to tech immediately after their race.
  • Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  • You will be informed of this point during the Rider’s Meeting.
  • Be prepared to strip down your ski for further inspection at the end of racing.

Ensure your race numbers are black and the correct size (at least 7 inches high).

Allow enough clear space around numbers for visibility of your class colour.

Backgrounds corresponding to your class:

  • Junior: Bright Green Background / Black Number
  • Novice: Bright Yellow Background / Black Number
  • Expert: White Background / Black Number