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New pilots* for 2023 need to contact info@jsra.co.uk for allocation of a race number, not all numbers are available as they are already used by existing pilots, no duplicate numbers are allowed so making sure the number you want is imperative prior to having numbers/graffics packs made. Please give us a 1st/2nd & 3rd choice in your request and we can try our best to approve at least one or come back to you with other options.

Once your number request has been appproved by Miekel ONLY you can then proceed to apply the numbers/graphics to your ski, The JSRA accepts no responsibility of you having unassigned numbers manufactured.

All numbers must be black & at least 7inches tall with a good amount of plain background colour, this will be different depending on your licence type, see below;
-Bright Green for Junior
-Bright Yellow for Novice
-Bright White for Expert

They must be clearly displayed on both sides of your ski. Numbers will be inspected during technical inspection of your race craft before racing along with other equipment (further equipment details will be posted shortly) So please turn up with the correct numbers/colours. We will be holding some stock printed temporary numbers (As pictured, these won’t last they are just to get by for the one round) that will be available for purchase from the office on the day if anybody does turn up with incorrect/no numbers or for possible new riders who are still uncertain on what they need or where to place before applying a full graphics or number kit, these will cost £10 per single number.

Any further questions regarding placement etc just ask 

*Freestyle pilots don’t require a number.

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