JSRA Rider Profile

Allan Pound

Allan Pound

Allan Pound, also known as Poundy, was born on Sunday, October 15, 1967, in Cirencester. He works in property management, enjoys playing golf, and his favorite song is Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

Your Racing Career So Far…

Classes You Have Competed In: Vintage X2 550

Titles or Championships:

  • 1991 Stock Novice British Champ
  • 1991 Modified Novice British Champ
  • 1991 Overall Novice British Champ
  • 1992 750 Ltd Expert British Champ 🏆
  • 1992 750 Ltd Expert 2nd European Championships (only beaten by Europe’s best ever rider, Nicholas Rius)

Best/Favourite Race Story:

In my first ever race at London Docks Winter Series, I was overtaking Nic Worrall (commentator) for 3rd place. He shouted at me so loud I looked around and promptly fell off 😆😆. Afterwards, he said, “You can’t buy experience,” and mentioned that moment every time we met up. God rest his soul.

The 2024 Season

Model of your ski Kawasaki X2 Vintage Class1