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JSRA - British Jetsport Championships!

Jetsport Racing Association of Great Britain

Welcome to the heart of Jetsport racing in the UK – the Jetsport Racing Association (JSRA). Established as the governing body for all UK Jetsport competitions, we take pride in our rich history, dedicated community, and commitment to excellence.

Founded in 1995, the JSRA emerged from the restructuring of funds that led to the disbandment of the Personal Watercraft Association (PWA). Our journey began with a committee comprised mainly of racers and enthusiasts, determined to ensure the sport’s continuation and growth. Over the past two decades, the JSRA has evolved into an organization boasting a remarkable six-round National championship and a Winter series, earning a reputation as one of the world’s best and most respected championships.

Affiliated with the International Jetsport Boating Association (IJSBA), the JSRA adheres to class rules that contribute to its professional development and impeccable safety record.

The JSRA is governed by a democratically elected committee, consisting of 6 to 12 volunteers. Committee members, elected at the Annual General Meeting, serve roles such as Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, H&S Officer, and Event Organiser. Meetings, held at least four times a year, provide a platform to discuss rule changes, events, and finances, with the Annual General Meeting inviting the entire membership to participate.

To ensure the success of JSRA events, a skilled crew is employed, including Race Directors, Water Marshals, Tech Inspectors, and Lap Scorers. Their expertise plays a pivotal role in the smooth execution of our racing activities.

As a non-profit members association, the JSRA operates with transparency and financial responsibility. Member fees directly contribute to the association’s running costs, while venues are requested to assist with event and paramedic expenses. Sponsorships and additional revenue sources contribute to enhancing the sport, ensuring sustainability without relying solely on racing costs.

Join us at JSRA, where passion meets performance, and together, we ride the waves towards the future of Jetsport racing in the United Kingdom!


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