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Harry Booth

Harry Booth

Harry Booth, known as harrybooth86, is a racer from Huddersfield born on February 12, 2008, who trains at Rother Valley and enjoys riding mountain bikes. Competing with the race number 86, chosen because the fastest riders had numbers starting with 8, he began racing in 2020 and has competed in Junior Ski Lites and Ski Stock classes, placing 3rd in the British Championship Ski Lites in 2023. His favorite race story involves a dramatic log jump crash in 2022, which he emerged from with only minor injuries. For the 2024 season, he will be riding a Kawasaki SX-R 1500 and a Yamaha Superjet, built by JetShed and sponsored by Harvey Booth Joinery and Building Contractors, HPR Race Parts, and Miller Racing. Follow him on Instagram at @harrybooth86.


LIKES & DISLIKES OR A FUN FACT ABOUT YOU Trains at Rother Valley and rides mountain bikes.

Story behind your race number When I chose my race number all of the fastest riders had race numbers beginning with 8.

CLASSES YOU HAVE COMPETED IN: Junior, Ski Lites, Ski Stock

TITLES OR CHAMPIONSHIPS (PAST, PRESENT OR FUTURE!) 2023 – 3rd in British Championship Ski Lites

Best/Favourite race story (On or off the track) In 2022 I had a battle on the log jump with rider 185. Resulting in me being thrown over the bars and him landing on my head. After a short visit to the ambulance on site and a slightly damaged helmet everything was okay.


MODEL OF YOUR SKI Kawasaki sx-r 1500 and Yamaha Superjet
SPONSORS Harvey Booth joinery and building contractors. HPR race parts, Miller Racing