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Austin Cambridge

Austin Cambridge

Austin Cambridge, nicknamed Morris by Sir Alan at Jet Shed, is a 16-year-old agri student from Stretton-on-Dunsmore who enjoys shooting, fishing, gaming, and is known as the fastest in the Marlow Armada. He races with the number 210, following his dad’s legacy, and competes in Junior Ski Lites and Ski Stock classes.

Your Racing Career So Far…

Story behind your race number: My Dad was given number 209 in 1991, so I’ve gone in line!

Classes You Have Competed In: Junior, Ski Lites, Ski Stock

Titles or Championships:

  • Work in progress but currently the best looking 16 year old in the paddock😎
  • First season on 4 strokes so hoping to build speed and strength over this summer.
  • Just wanna make my Mum proud.

Best/Favourite Race Story: What goes on tour stays on tour 😉

Race superstitions or routines you do before a race: Ignore all my Dad’s advice….what does he know!

The 2024 Season

Model of your ski Kawasaki SXR 1500
Who built your ski The Wards and Loki

Loki Customs, Rockpool Clothing, Jet Guru, Bank of Dad