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Andy Cambridge

Andy Cambridge

Andy Cambridge, affectionately known as the “Silver Fox,” is an electrical contractor and full-time dad from Stretton on Dunsmore, near Rugby, who loves The Waterboys, Public Service Broadcasting, The Cult, Simple Minds, The Levellers, and The Damned, enjoys mountain and beach adventures, and believes in living life to the fullest every day, with a fun fact being he knew Kev Pope when he was still in his thirties!

Your Racing Career So Far…

Story behind your race number: My first ever race number from 1991 issued by the UKJSA so it’s proper Vintage!

Classes You Have Competed In: 550

Titles or Championships:

  • Back in the day I raced in 550 Ltd, 750 Limited, 750 Modified, Ski Ltd and Ski Superstock.
  • Won the 1993 London Docklands championship…..it hasn’t been held since so I’m still ‘Champion of London’!!🤣

Best/Favourite Race Story:

Too many over the years but on the way to Portugal for the Europeans in 95 with Anthony Dean and four
others in an ancient Renault van, we got stopped in the middle of the night by machine gun toting Spanish Police who thought we were drug runners! Squeaky bum moment!

Race superstitions or routines you do before a race:

Contact lenses in, knee braces on, Ibuprofen for breakfast….ready to race!

The 2024 Season

Model of your ski 1992 Kawasaki 550sx

Loki Customs
Jet Guru
Rockpool Clothing