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Alfie Fenwick

Alfie Fenwick

Alfie Fenwick, known simply as Alfie, is a trainee sparkie from Essex, born on Wednesday, December 17, 2003.

Your Racing Career So Far…

Story behind your race number: Year of Dads birth and his old race number. He now racers 750

Classes You Have Competed In: Vintage X2, Ski Lites, 1100

Titles or Championships:

  • Spark Class 2022 British Champion
  • 2022 Rec Lites World Champion

Best/Favourite Race Story:

My Favourite part about the racing isn’t the winning I enjoy the battles and the chase. I love cutting the
lines and attempting overtakes. That’s what racing is all about. Battling with the competition.

The 2024 Season

Model of your ski Kawasaki X2