Ken Thomas Warehousing and Transport Specialists

Ken Thomas Warehousing and Transport Specialists


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About Me

Company History

The company was founded in 1948 by Ken Thomas, the father of John who is now the managing director.

Ken started with just two lorries which mainly consisted of transporting produce from local farms and packhouses for onward delivery to the London and Birmingham markets.

In the 1960s the first warehouse was built and used for storage of canned goods for some of the local food companies.

John Thomas took over running the company in the early 80s and has continued to head up the company since. The early 80s saw significant growth in transport services for the company and by this point Ken Thomas were offering nationwide distribution.

Ken Thomas continued their expansion over the mid to late 80s and a large number of quality insulated warehouses were built to keep up with the demand put on the company by its customers.

Since this time growth has steadily continued and Ken Thomas are currently embarking on another large expansion by building additional warehousing space to enable them to cope with their growing customer base.

Looking forward

Aside from having an established history, Ken Thomas is always looking forward. We are a member of the United Kingdom Warehouse Association (UKWA), and continue to offer an excellent service and cutting edge technology. We take pride in our Nationwide service and our 24/7 operations.

Ken Thomas has the capacity to cope, and the flexibility to care. We provide warehousing services for larger clients, alongside storage and logistical support for smaller scale, local companies. It’s our mission to deliver the same high standard of service to each of our valued clients.

Old truck at distribution center in Nationwide