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Age: 17

Rider since: 28th Nov 2016

About Me

I have been a leisure skier since 2006 and started racing in 2013 since I started racing I have improved year on year, the first season I raced I placed 4th overall after joining the season at the 4th round, the second season I raced it was very tight to the end of the season but I secured the 1st place to become champion, the third season I raced I was fitter, stronger and more experienced and came 1st, my third season 2015 was a big learning curve as I was aloud to race in with the adults which helped me with confidence and strength because the races were harder and I placed 1st in juniors and also placed 2nd in the British round of the Jetcross word cup. 2016 was harder than all the previous seasons due to stepping up to race in the adult class' Ski stock novice, Ski stock and Ski lites Novice, Ski lites I found it harder against the larger field of up to 17 riders on the line at once but managed to place 1st in Ski stock novice, 3rd in Ski stock and 2nd in Ski lites novice and 7th in Ski lites.