Race number reminder

19 Apr 2023 21:28

Some pilots were reminded about your race numbers on your skis at the Winter Round, you will not be reminded again.........if your numbers do not conform then you will not race! these will be checked at Technical inspection.

Just for clarity please all be reminded of the regulations for the numbers and the correct colour backgrounds for your ski's as per JSRA induction book. These will be checked during technical inspection in 2023 season, I'm sure you will appreciate it makes it difficult for lap scorers if they do not conform, also its difficult for Expert riders to identify a Novice rider that may be in the same race, if they display their correct background colour then at least their skill level is known during the race when potential overtaking challenges by fellow competitors are made.

Ski Race Numbers
Make sure your race numbers are the correct size and
visible. They must be Black and a minimum of 7 inches
high with at least 30mm of background colour  around the numbers, we need to see your class
colour clearly behind at a distance, the corresponding class colours are:
Junior Bright Green Background / Black Number
Novice Bright Yellow Background / Black Number
Expert White Background / Black Number

Be careful not to place them in a location that will obscure them from the scorers (i.e., they should not be placed in the footwell or on horizontal surfaces). Only numbers can appear on the background.

It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that the numbers are easy to read.