Team GB Results from the 2015 World Jet ski Finals at Lake Havasu Arizona.

12 Oct 2015 23:11

Well Well Well…….now you can breathe again Jet Ski Race fans, with the 2015 & 34th Jet Ski World Finals at Lake Havasu Arizona now concluded, it’s been a roller-coaster of a ride for the Team GB competitors and spectators alike, with highs and lows in abundance, I believe we had the maximum following from any country in the World via the live web streaming ever.
Massive congratulations to all competitors you all rode your hearts out and flew the flag for Great Britain on and... off the course, these memory’s will be with you all forever.

Below are the results in no particular order

James Bushell, 2nd Pro Runabout Open, 2nd GP Runabout
Phil Pope, 5th Pro Runabout Open, 3rd GP Runabout
Adrian Wilson,
Tom Miller, 12th Amateur Ski lites, 8th Pro-Am Ski 2 Stroke lites
Chris Miller, 7th Sport GP
Lance McKenzie, 4th Sport GP
Kenny Griffiths, 16th Masters Ski open, 19th Amateur Ski open
Danny Mace, 19th GP Ski
Jake Grant, 9th Novice Ski Limited
Ryan Willows, 3rd Amateur Rec Lites, 7th Runabout 800 Limited
Reanna Wilson, 11th Junior Ski 13-15 Ltd,
Harry Robinson, 10th Junior Ski 13-15 lites, 8th Junior Ski 13-15 Ltd
Aaron Cantwell,
Chloe Marsh, 3rd Ladies Ski, 14th Amateur Ski Lites, 6th Junior Ski 13-15 lites, 9th Junior Ski 13-15 Ltd
Lee Stone, 1st Pro freestyle
Jonathan Kavanagh, 4th Pro freestyle
Jason Bleasdale, 9th Pro freestyle
Tanvir Hussain, 16th Amateur freestyle

Apologies for the riders without any placement, I have searched the IJSBA website results and as yet I cannot find their classes, please feel free to inform me if you know there placements and I will update accordingly.

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