Pre-registration for 2021

25 May 2021 20:25

Pre-registration for 2021

Attention Attention Attention all JSRA British Jet Sport Racing Championships Pilots,
The JSRA IT department has now arranged via this webpage for the Riders to be able to pre-register for each round throughout the 2021 British Jet Sport Racing Championships (not the Winter round) and register for the discounted Bundle option up until the 4th June 2021, (you must make arrangements to pay for the bundle or each round).

You will need to register as a member to the JSRA website..., to do this ‘click on the Login box at the top right hand side of the JSRA home page and select ‘create an account’ and input the details requested, once completed click register.

The JSRA website administration group will take a short while to verify your application to be a member (normally within 24hrs), once approved you can then log into the pre-registration area in the Riders Tab on the top of the page, you will see a Sign-up for round option, select this and enter you username and password.

If you have already registered as a member please go straight to the Riders section.

Follow the form through with rider category and classes you wish to enter etc and click sign-up.

This will allow the JSRA team to be able to populate classes prior to each round.

Payment and Bank details are at the bottom of this page.
Once you have registered as a member you can then register as a Rider and create a rider profile to promote you, the sport and your valued sponsors, add pictures and tell everyone about yourself.

Many thanks and see you at the next round, watch for the lights!

Please note this is only for Riders competing in the JSRA British Jet Sport Championships