New 2018 Class Alert! 'Vintage X2'

14 Feb 2018 11:36

New 2018 Class Alert! 'Vintage X2'

New Class Alert! 'Vintage X2'

For 2018 we have been hearing a call for an X2 class so we have decided to offer this in the 2018 British Jetsport Championships, although this can only go ahead as a stand a lone class if enough X2 pilots turn up on the day!

This will be open to both Novice and Expert riders but it will only be 1 class (so that means no novice championship just one overall) This class will run on it's own if there are sufficient numbers, if on the day there isn't enough, X2 riders will go in Sport Open possibly along with Sport GP (numbers permitting). X2 will also be allowed if they wish to compete in the Sport class as well, but remember this will contain some GP boats!

Winter Round Race entry Novice/Expert- £100
Bundle price at £650.00 Deadline 31-03-2018 (All 6 Rounds of the British Jetsport Championships, This does not include the Winter Round)
Pay on the Day Weekend entry for just X2 class- £125.00
Pay on the Day Weekend entry for X2 class plus other classes- £140.00

It will follow the below Sport Spec rules (option 1) on the IJSBA website

SPORT SPEC CLASS COMPETITION Intended to promote interest in personal watercraft competition with a limited number of modifications, and to enable individuals to become active competitors with a relatively modest investment. Watercraft that are eligible to compete in this class are: Kawasaki X2 (Pre 05); Kawasaki X2 (05-07); Polaris Hurricane; Sea Doo HX and Yamaha Waveblaster 701. Watercraft competing in this class must conform to the specifications which follow. These rules are specifically outlined for each individual model to promote close competition.
Kawasaki Gen 1 - X2 (old style, pre 2005) are allowed to update to 750 or 800 Kawasaki engines and electronics; and are to follow IJSBA Open class rules. (810cc limit)